Medical Receivables Funding
We at The Funding Source Network are committed to delivering cash flow solutions to the medical community. Changes in legislation and methods of reimbursement, and the impact of managed care and rate capitation have prompted an increase in financial difficulties in the healthcare industry.  Repayment can take as long as 60-120 days, whether the funds are coming from individuals, private insurance companies, HMO's, PPO's or government sources.  As these changes take place outdated methods of operating are obsolete and the foundation for new, innovative methods are needed.  The Funding Source Network welcomes your inquiries.   

Who may benefit: Physicians, including but not limited to:

General Practitioners
General Practitioners
Associated physician groups 
Acute care hospitals
Out-patient facilities
Medical labs
MRI facilities
Rehab centers
Physical therapy clinic

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The Funding Source Network can reduce inconsistent cash flow caused by third party payors and the insurance industry.
By financing your medical receivables,
The Funding Source Network can assist you to cover payroll, acquire state of the art equipment to remain competitive, take a much-needed vacation or expand your staff operations and facilities to increase profitability.
The Funding Source Network can alleviate staff turnover and accuracy in processing issues.      
We are committed to providing billing services, for practices of all sizes, lowering office overhead, reducing the number of claims rejected by insurers and increasing your net profit percentages considerably. In addition, this sophisticated billing service will provide you with “real-time” dial-up and computerized access to your accounts receivables and revenues, keeping you constantly abreast of your billing and collections accounts.


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