We represent funding sources who buys mortgage notes, factor accounts receivable invoices, and offer purchase order/contract funding.

If you have to wait 30, 60, 90 days or more to receive payment on invoices, this service will allow you to collect that money immediately.

We specialize in:

Business Accounts Receivable (Business-based)
Privately Held Business Notes (Collateral-based)
Privately Held Mortgage Notes (Collateral-based)
Medical Receivables (Business-based)
Structured Settlements (Insurance based)

Other income streams we fund are:

Annuities (Insuranced based)
Construction Receivables (Business based)
Consumer and Commercial Judgments (Contingency Based)
Inheritances and Trust Advances (Consumer Based)
Lottery & Sweepstakes Winnings (Government based)
Prize Awards & Casino Winnings (Insuranced based)
Royalty Payments (Contingency based)
Sports Contracts (Business Based)
Viatical (Insuranced based)

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Funding Source Network Brochure - A Simple Solution to Your Cash Flow Needs

Funding Source Network Brochure - Why Should I Sell My Note

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Categories of Income Streams
Because there are so many, income streams are grouped in categories that have similarities.

Business-based income streams center around payments owed to a business by another business.

Collateral-based income streams are debt instruments that are secured by something of value   collateral such as a home, property, a car or a business that is pledged to ensure payment of the debt.

Consumer-based income streams originate with individual consumers and are paid to businesses or other consumers. These income streams can include debt that is currently being paid on as well as accounts that have not been paid on for a period of time.

Contingency-based income streams are less defined than other income streams. The person receiving the money may not be legally entitled to the debt or the amount owed is uncertain contingent upon outside factors.

Government-based income streams are paid by the state or federal government to individuals.

Insurance-based income streams are paid to individuals by insurance companies, usually stemming from legal proceedings or insurance coverage.

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