The nature of viatical settlements is the assignment (transfer of life insurance benefits) and sale of a death benefit. In the beginning, viatical settlements were used primarily as a financial option for AIDS patients with a clearly terminal illness, who were unable to obtain the resources they needed at a critical time. Eventually, victims of other terminal illnesses such as cancer and lukemia recognized the advantages of viating their life insurance policies to pay for current expenses.

Today, terminally ill individuals of all ages are candidates for this valuable option.

Contact The Funding Source Network if you or someone you know is terminally ill or elderly and in need of funds to:

Provide for housing
Provide for medication
Make those last days quality comfortable times
Make final dreams or goals come trueContact us today!

*The Funding Source Network provides this service exclusively for patients in critical need of funding. Since this is such a sensitive area, we will need verification from medical professionals subsequent to assisting clients in this area.


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